Loan trading

Octaura’s industry-led electronic market trading, data, and analytics solution for loans can be used to grow trading volumes, increase liquidity and remove the cumbersome barriers to entry that have kept many investors from transacting with confidence.

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Reduce operational risks by eliminating manual processes. Stream liquidity and engage electronically – gain market insights through a comprehensive electronic solution for the loan asset class.


Lists are handled quickly and efficiently because requisite data and analytics are provided in tandem with pricing capabilities.


Easy to access and all in one place. Straight-Through-Processing (STP) and FIX/API capabilities serving the needs of both front office and operations users.

For Buy-Side Traders

Benefits to traders include liquidity, access, connectivity and loan level analytics to assist with due diligence and the determination of appropriate trade prices for loans.

  • Liquidity – receive quotes from multiple dealers
  • Access – multiple trading protocols (Dealer Liquidity, RFQ, Lists, BWICs & Match)
  • Connectivity – integration with your Order Management System
  • Analytics – fundamental loan and sector level analytics
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For Sell-Side Traders

Octaura provides efficiency, connectivity and execution analytics enabling traders to trade more volume and focus more on the high margin part of their business.

  • Efficiency – Straight Through Processing (STP) for trade booking, allocation and ticketing
  • Connectivity – Upload liquidity, receive BWICs, execution analytics all automatically via API or FIX connection
  • Analytics – Execution analytics generating insight for individual traders and a bank as a whole
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For Portfolio Managers

Portfolio managers benefit from loan and portfolio level analytics and additional market insights to execute portfolio trades– shifting focus from execution to credit analysis.

  • Analytics – Loan and portfolio level analytics
  • Transparency – market color, price and volume transparency
  • Portfolio trading – multiple ways of executing portfolio trades
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Our platform

Loan Trading

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Electronic Trading Protocols

Get better pricing and certainty of execution with bi-lateral, or multi-dealer engagement workflows, utilizing real-time market data.

Straight Through Processing (STP)

Transact purely through electronic transfers with no manual intervention involved.

Data and Analytics

Make better decisions to realize return, growth and risk management objectives with robust financial intelligence and analytical tools.

Simplified Process

One easy to use platform for the complete trade lifecycle.

Loan Trading

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